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Our Web Development and Design for hire agency has affordable, Top Rated Web Developers for hire. We develop beautiful websites and cover every branch of the business out there. DevDev Web Development Team creates a websites from various Frameworks and Content Management Systems(CMS). We always get the best results and convert our client’s business to the roof, why? Because we have 15+ years of experience and Top Rated Web Developers for hire.

Graphic & Web Design

You need to Redesign and Revamp your Website? No problem, with over 3800 Websites designed for our clients, our team of web designers will make sure to get the best solution for your specific needs. As a result, we will send you the Wire-frame structure and above all create a custom, user and also mobile friendly responsive design solution for your website or even more a fresh revamp. Therefore, we offer a complete guidance from the start of the design of your website.

SEO & Page Speed Optimization

We offer a professional SEO service in order to fill the gap between design, development process and the marketing. Our experienced SEO Team will make your website climb on Google ladders in no time. You want to use personalized keywords? No problem, we got you covered and you can pick your own targeted keywords and we will create a follow up content for it. Your On site SEO preferences are our daily routine. Just drop us a line, we’ll give you a free quote.

Administration & Support

On-demand expert assistance to fix issues such as PHP errors, malware infection, and more.
Managing a website is hard. We take care of complex website management tasks such as hack recovery, website migration, CMS upgrades, database restores, and more.
How do we help? The exact quote for your specific issue may vary based on the complexity, but this should help you get the ball rolling. Plugin/Theme updates, Backup, Setup, Fix broken site, Layout/Style changes, Updates & Upgrades. Just contact us for a quote.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, our clients/business owners can see how their visitors interact on their website, where they go and how they exit (among other things). We offer website analytics services to help our customers get a clear picture of what their visitors are doing online. Google Analytics is one of the most common platforms our customers use, but often can be difficult to understand and use correctly all on your own. That’s why our Certified Google Analytics Team will work to break down the data points and focus on delivering you insights to inform and guide all your actions. Just contact us for a quote, we’ll get back to you fast.

Social Media & Email Marketing

Power Up Your Business with Email + Social Media Marketing and get more from your social media and email marketing with our unique solution for every website. Want to extend the reach of your marketing email? Use DevDev.Rs marketing services to promote your email on your social media channels – including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can schedule social posts in advance, right from your website’s dashboard or control panel in a few mouse clicks. Just click here and contact us via our contact form and we will get back to you with a quote in a few minutes.

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We know it might be difficult to find WordPress experts today, but the DevDev.RS development team has more than 10 years of experience with WordPress and 15 years in web and application development. We can help your business with small details or even emergency repairs anytime, just contact us.

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Our Team

Milisav Radivojevic

Milisav Radivojevic

Senior Lead Web Developer / CLI Guru / Mentor / Co-Founder

Milisav Radivojevic is Certified Software Developer working as our Lead Web Developer and Team Leader. Extensive experience in most popular Web Frameworks & CMS. Building high quality web-apps built on top of WordPress(WooCommerce as eCommerce solution is always a choice), PrestaShop, Magento, Typo3 etc. He’s been working in-office in few European countries and remotely for more than 10 years now. Working for various international clients and web development companies. His experience ranges from building mobile responsive websites with cross-browser support – to huge eCommerce Solutions and websites for the marketing agencies industry from Germany. With over 4500 websites built in his career in past 15+ years, he is considered as a very experienced expert in a field, responsible, reliable with perfectionist attitude and a lot’s of love for he’s work and a music he loves to listen to while working so you have to shout at him if you need some help usually 🙂

Gordana Bogic

Gordana Bogic

Graphics & Web Design

Illustrator, Graphic & Web Designer with a creative mindset. Gordana’s skills and creativity are a great asset and inspiration to our web agency. Her creativity when crafting website designs and assets for our clients are amazing.

Jovan Jovic

Jovan Jovic

Machine Learning / Data Science / AI / Co-Founder

Data scientist and Data Analyst in several industry and healthcare companies.

  • Statistical modeling, predictive analytics and modeling, exploration, visualization
  • Data related languages: R, Python, Spark2, Matlab.
  • Databases: SQL Server, MySQL, S3
  • OS: Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS), Windows
  • File formats: xls, Json, CSV
  • Cloud platforms: AWS, Zeppelin, Google Cloud Platform GCP
  • Distributed engines: TensorFlow, Hadoop, Spark cluster/Yarn

Interests: Photography, biking, running, hiking, books, history, sociology, science fiction

Emir Mardan

Emir Mardan

Graphic Designer / Illustrator / Game Scene & Comics Expert

Emir Mardan is great artist and a Graphic Designer with a perfectionist attitude and a great asset to our Web Development Agency here at His expertise in drawing assets for our websites are amazing.